October 2015


                                                     Biography of Author Rosaura Torres


Rosaura Torres was born on February 26, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to parents of Puerto Rican descent. She now resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her mother’s name was Carmen and her father Ismael Torres. They taught her never to give up, to continue forward regardless the challenge. They were hard working and loving parents.

Rosaura Torres is a published Author who has won several awards for her first book; first place in the 2011 International Latino Book Awards, in the Women’s Issues category; Honorable Mention in the 2012 “Latino Books into Movies Awards.”  The controversial and provocative book entitled ABUSE HIDDEN BEHIND THE BADGE was released in July 2010. Awards for her book include the 2011 International Latino Book Awards Celebration was held at el Museo Del Barrio, New York City, during Book Expo America; 2012 “Latino Books into Movies Awards” was held at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival on the campus of UCLA and 2012 International Latino Book Awards Celebration was held at the “Instituo Cervantes” in New York City.

Rosaura Torres has been a vocal activist against domestic violence involving woman, children and men for the past 3 years. Her involvement in this cause became a mission for life out of her own personal experience as a survivor of domestic violence involving police officers.

Due to two (2) retinal detachment surgeries stemming from her experiences with domestic violence, she is an avid activist speaking out against domestic violence and more specifically “The Code of Silence” within police departments. She stands for the right of everyone regardless your gender or race, “You have the right to not get violated!” says Ms. Torres.

Rosaura Torres latest accomplishment has been eleven (11) years in the making entitled ABUSE HIDDEN BEHIND THE BADGE which is available on-line and at bookstores. The book is the personal story of domestic violence during her relationships with two police officers, one in Philadelphia and the other a Pennsylvania State Trooper.   For more information visit our website at www.torrespublishing.com

Rosaura Torres autobiography redefines the spirit of courage and strength. Her story will take you on a spiritual journey about family, love, betrayal, redemption.  Her powerful message of self-affirmation and love on one’s self-worth is a remarkable reminder that hope is the entity that will prevail in life’s darkest moments.

Rosaura Torres has extensive experience in several backgrounds such as Political Adviser, Fitness Consultant, and Sales Executive at Al Dia Newspaper to serving as Public Relations Coordinator for pharmaceuticals throughout the Tri-State Delaware Valley.

Rosaura Torres is the mother of three children and grandmother to five grandchildren.  She comes from a modest and humble background. During her childhood, Ms. Torres attended schools in Philadelphia; Camden, New Jersey and Fort Myers, Florida.

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